I am an Electronics Engineer by profession, from Muscat, Oman.My expertise include implementation, design and planning of system from theory to real electronics. I have implemented various such systems ranging from application domain consumer electronics to security and surveillance products.

    I work in Hardware and software design domains of Embedded Systems. I have hands-on experience with many micro-controller family products. I have considerable experience and skills in PCB design, have designed complex boards with tight constraints.
    Apart from this I love to blog, travel and explore, occasional photography and develop mobile apps.


    I am using this platform to introduce myself as well as to keep sharing some snippets of codes regarding android , C++ , C , java , embedded Linux, arduino and so on, as well as some thing about circuits , micro-controllers or related software. I will also try to bring some topics or resources that I found hard to get on the world wide web. I am always ready to help (where I can) those who show some interest in learning.


    You can use the contact section of this site to contact me by email. I can also be contacted via twitter.

    dm sgn




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