Configuring Power Rails in Proteus ISIS

Proteus ISIS is a nice and powerful simulation tool for electronic designs. For most ICs the supply pins are hidden and they are connected to the 5v power rail by default. Some times one need to use other than 5V value for the supply and i have seen many people don’t know how to do it. In this short post I would show how you can change the value but first if just want to connect the 5V supply to other devices.

In case you don’t want to change the supply voltage and just want to connect it to other devices its fairly simple. Follow the steps

  • Select “Terminals mode” from the left toolbar
  • from the terminals list you can select “Power” or “Ground” and place on the schematic. Power and ground are the power rails that are connected to the hidden pins
  • That’s it, check the images bellow.
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This is how it would appear on the schematic.

Changing the Power Rails Volatge

So if you want to use other than 5V power supply you can configure it from the “Design>>Configure Power rails” menu entry. Proteus would give you a dialogue box if you followed this menu from where you can change the value for VCC/VDD and VEE . Just type in the required value and hit OK.

that would lead to the final step.



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8 thoughts on “Configuring Power Rails in Proteus ISIS

  1. I am simulating PLL CD4046 in Proteus, and it was working well in separate circuit. When I used this CD4046 in another circuit which uses 12V supplies, it doesn’t work. If I remove 12V supply then CD4046 starts working but my remaining circuit doesn’t. Any solution please.

  2. i want to use two voltage levels 5v and 12V in same circuit with proteus ISIS, and in PCB layout want to draw 5V and 12V lines as power line,

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