Disable PIN code using Gsm modem AT commands

If you have a PIN code enabled SIM card and want to remove /disable PIN code using AT commands follow these commands,
suppose 9546 is the current PIN code , Replace 9546 with your PIN code, >>> shows the response from modem.

>>> +CPIN: SIM PIN // pin codes need to be entered
>>> OK

>>>; OK

AT+CLCK="SC",0,"9546" // disable pin code
>>> OK



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11 thoughts on “Disable PIN code using Gsm modem AT commands

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the tip; i’m getting an error, could you please help? The AT+CPIN? gives the expected feedback, but when i type AT+CPIN=”MY PIN” it returns Error. This is a new SIM, any guess?
    Kindest regards from Portugal,

    1. I hope you have already solved your problem. In case still not solved can you provide your terminal output?

  2. My sim doesn’t have a pin but I keep getting error message like this +CME 58 and error 5.am using gsm A6.. Please assist

    1. AT+CPWD=”SC”,”1234″,”4321″ where 1234 is current pin and 4321 is the new pin code.

      Have a look at this post for more info

  3. hi sir, how can i stop getting URC using AT command in between my parsing ?
    Is there any AT command to stop all URC ?

    1. There are several AT commands to enable or disable different URCs. Search the AT-command manual for URC and you will get to know the exact AT-commands to use

      1. Enter the wrong pin three times, your sim would get blocked, Now get the PUK code from operator and create a new pin

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