SIMCOM SIM800H change in hardware. S2-105HG / S2-10651 , S2-1065N / S2-1065Q

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SIMCOM has updated the hardware of SIM800H modules with hardware versions (S2-105HG / S2-10651) due to the fact that the power amplifier chip that these modules used (RF7176) is discontinued from production line. The Firmware also had to be changed due to modifications necessary for operation of the new power amplifier chips.

All the new modules ( with hardware versions(S2-1065N / S2-1065Q) ) will be having the new power amplifier chips namely RF7198. According to SIMCOM this change in hardware wont affect the properties and characteristics of the module.

Please note that:

  • firmware for the new hardware version of module differs from the old version of the firmware. Therefore, a new hardware version module can not be flashed with the firmware for the old hardware version module.
  • firmware image files for the old and new hardware versions will be with different names. Firmware for the old version is designated “1308B06SIM800H32_BT” while the firmware for the new version is designated “1309B06SIM800H32_BT”.
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Firmware files for SIM800H

All the firmware files can be found at the firmware collection page of this blog. If you want to contribute the files you have you can do so by uploading your files to user uploads section or by emailing me the files you have.



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  1. Hi Dost! I checked out your firmware collection, but I can’t seem to find SIM800H firmware for the new hardware revision (1309B06SIM800H32_BT). Do you have it? Reply
  2. Hi Dost are you aware of any low memory footprint asynchronous Arduino/C++ libraries for the SIMCOM range of modules and chips? I have been testing a variety over the last year and none are properly asynchronous; and very rarely are they memory optimised. thanks Justin Reply

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