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SIMCOM– Firmwares

Here I am trying to make a collection of firmwares and release notes for Simcom Sim900 and other Simcom GSM/GPRS modules



Release Notes


Release Notes



Release Notes


Release Notes


Release Notes


Release Notes

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  1. Hi guyz… me too working on the same project… proteus is gonna save a lot of time of mine & MONEY too which is essential in any project… Well first some queries: 1. Can i simulate in WINDOWS 7 (hope there won't be any problem) 2. Serial port (I hve 2 COM ports) which one is gonna select and how? 3. (Not a query but a suggestion): we shud first learn serial port programming and use the same in proteus with real Serial cable shorting TxD & RxD to check if input and output received is same or not.. 4. @TEEBLOG …plz upload some of the screenshots of ur project 5. I shud buy which module : SIM300 or SIM900 …@ashwin : whats the market rate in india(New Delhi)? 6. Is SIM 900 compatible wid SIM 300? THNX a lot!! Reply soon (have to buy the module today or tommorrow) :) @TEEBLOG: Nice work dude on ur blog Reply
  2. Hi, Could you please tell me where I can download the SIMCom NMEA GPS Demo tool to test the GPS reception of the SIM908 Evm Board ? thanks Reply
  3. Hello, I had downloaded this file 1137B10SIM900D64_ST.rar . It is encrypted . Can you tell me the key, please? Affectionately Vicente Albinana Spain Reply
  4. Hi my sim900 is 1137B09SIM900A32_ST_ASIA I put up this 1137B08SIM900M64_ST_DTMF_JD_MMS is not worked in my sim900 it can not runing what? Reply
  5. i am using Revision:1137B11SIM900M64_ST firmware on my SIM900 and yet the DTMF decoder is not working, evverytime i run AT+DDET=1 returns ERROR, any ideas? please advice. do i have to change the firmware or what? Reply
  6. Hi, I was trying to figure out ftp access using sim900a and found in recent documents a new addition of FTPLIST command, any Idea in which firmware update I could get that? Thanks in advance :) Reply
  7. Dear Dost! When I use the “Simcom – sim900 Customer flash loader V1.01″ with Arduino Uno/Atmega16U2 it doesn't work. Do you have any tip how to use the Arduino Uno for change the firmware of the SIM900? Could you help me? Regards, Arnaldo Reply
      • Hi Dost! No problem I'll try explain you of another way. I've a Arduino UNO hardware and this shield: “”. I put inside of the Arduino this code for comunication with shield: void setup() { // initialize D0 pin as an input: pinMode(0, INPUT); // initialize D1 pin as an input: pinMode(1, INPUT); } void loop(){ //none } When I used the “Simcom – sim900 Customer flash loader V1.01″ the software stoped on the step 6 (Click the START button to download, you will see window like the one below). Can I used Arduino for change the firmware (SIM900)? Is there other hardware to comunicate with shield? Thank you for your time! Regards Reply
  8. Hi Dost, See the messagens of the errors”Simcom – sim900 Customer flash loader V1.01″: Err 000 – Error during acknowledgement waiting Err 000 – Error during download data via Boot ROM Err 000 – Error during download loader in RAM Check target settings Regards Reply
  9. Can you show me: How to SIM900B can detect dtmf from my mobile when i call to SIM900B: Revision:1137B01SIM900B64_ST_ ENHANCE Send: AT+DDET=1 Return: OK …Receive an incoming call Send: ATA Return: connection is successful From my button of Mobile: i press “1” or “2”… but i don't see SIM900B reported via serial port Can i update: 1137B08SIM900M64_ST_DTMF_JD_MMS ? Reply
  10. Hi. I try to get like this AT+SAPBR=3,1,”Contype”,”GPRS” AT+SAPBR=3,1,”APN”,”CMNET” AT+SAPBR=1,1 AT+SAPBR=2,1 AT+CIPGSMLOC=1,1 the gsm location is a have it from the official Sim900_GSM_Location_ATC pdf but it doesn't work. It looks like, that the command AT+CIPGSMLOC doesn't exist. With a custom firmware it should work. Does someone know which includes that command? Reply
  11. Is there any functional difference for the SIM900 firmware version 1137B11SIM900M64_ST_TCP_SERVER ? Is there an application note for it, or some helpful information on it? Reply
  12. thanks for all these stuf they are really useful, I have a problem after I upgraded my SIM900 it changed the IMEI number also.. Do you have any methods for restoring my old IMEI number or change it manually? Reply
  13. Hello, Can you tell me if it is possible to post user defined parameters using the sim900. E.g I want to have a parameter called password =abc123 but I cannot do it using AT+HTTPPARA. I can post data in the message body, but I need to be able to specify post parameters. Can you help please? Reply
  14. Hi ! I want to make Email using SIM900A module. You provided a firmware of Email is only for SIM900 not working for SIM900A. Can you guide how to creat API or Firmware for my SIM900A module. Reply
  15. hello, tried to put to module via customer flash loader “1137B03SIM900M64_ST_MMS” but it gives error like: Reception uncomplite 00' 26'' 520 – Err 307 – Error during flash erase 00' 26'' 535 – Err 307 – Error during flash erase How can I get over this problem? Reply
  16. There can be two problems. Either problem with the connection or board settings or with the module. Some times the module wont upgrade although it was working fine before upgrade process. Which board are u using. Can u share a snapshot of ur setup? Reply
  17. Hi! I have put 1137B08SIM900A32_ST on my SIM900A module but after that it is not registered in network. AT+CPIN? returns +CPIN: PH-NET PIN . what it mean? Thanks Reply
  18. hello friend, i need help regarding firmware update of sim900 gprs shield. i have arduino mega 2560 which doesn't has FT232 chip. please tell me the procedure how to update firmware for sending MMS AT commands. I have downloaded this. ( 7.43 MB) Reply
  19. Hello! I have a SIM900 board from elecfreaks (… ). Came with firmware 1137B06SIM900M64_ST. Update to 1137B11SIM900M64_ST and 1137B12SIM900M64_ST. Updated with SIM900 Series download Tools Customer 1.6. No error. Now board boots up and seems to work judging by the led lights. But, cannot communicate with hyperterminal like before. Tried all baudrates and of course the default 19200 8-N-1. What can be wrong? Funny thing is that I could downgrade from B12 to B11 using the same serial interface. What can be wrong? Did I brick my module? Thank you!! Bruno Reply
  20. Hello there, I am trying to download a test file from FTP server, I am getting time out error, I tried to connect to another FTP server and I am getting the same error, below the AT command interaction, can you help IIIIÿÿÿÿ RDY +CFUN: 1 +CPIN: READY GPS Ready Call Ready at+cgatt? +CGATT: 1 OK at+sapbr=2,1 +SAPBR: 1,3,”″ OK at+csq +CSQ: 15,0 OK at+creg? +CREG: 0,1 OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,”contype”,”GPRS” OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,”APN”,”ETISALAT.AE” OK AT+SAPBR=1,1 OK AT+SAPBR=2,1 +SAPBR: 1,1,”″ OK AT+FTPSCONT? +FTPSCONT:0 +FTPSERV: “” +FTPPORT: 21 +FTPUN: “XXX” +FTPPW: “XXX” +FTPCID: 1 +FTPMODE: 0 +FTPTYPE: “A” +FTPPUTOPT: “STOR” +FTPREST: 0 +FTPGETNAME: “TEST2.TXT” +FTPGETPATH: “/” +FTPPUTNAME: “wael.txt” +FTPPUTPATH: “/” +FTPTIMEOUT: 0 OK AT+FTPGET=1 OK +FTPGET:1,64 AT+SAPBR=1,1 OK AT+FTPSCONT OK AT+FTPSCONT? +FTPSCONT:0 +FTPSERV: “” +FTPPORT: 21 +FTPUN: “myd” +FTPPW: “myd” +FTPCID: 1 +FTPMODE: 0 +FTPTYPE: “A” +FTPPUTOPT: “STOR” +FTPREST: 0 +FTPGETNAME: “2012.TXT” +FTPGETPATH: “/” +FTPPUTNAME: “wael.txt” +FTPPUTPATH: “/” +FTPTIMEOUT: 0 OK AT+FTPGET=1 OK +FTPGET:1,64 Reply
  21. Dear Dost, Hi, I m in search of a new firmware above B08 for sim900A.. Actually,my module had a firmware B10 but there was network issue with vodafone sim.. After replacing it with B08, i got the solution but now am having problem with airtel sim card.. So please will u please recommend me any firmware version which will solve my problem? Any other advice is highly appreciated… Thankss.. Reply
  22. Hello I am facing issues with sim900a Whenever i use Airtel sim and try to call and send sms I get +CPIN NOT Ready ,this happens at random and i have to restart the system,where as when i use other operator sim (VODAFONE,DOCOMO) this doesn't happen it runs without any issue.Plz help Reply
  23. Hello We are working on a project having sim900A as the GSM/GPRS module .The PCB board designed and fabricated is as per the reference design shown in one of your technical document.The board works fine with most of the service providers(In India service providers are Vodafone ,Tatadocomo etc),but this module fails with the sim provided by India's largest Service provider Airtel. When we start the system it works fine with the airtel sim but when we start loading it(Sending sms ) ,it starts giving this error- “+CPIN Not ready” and then we are not able to access the SIM900A module. Can you please provide any help on this. Reply
  24. Hi, I' am working with the SIM900B module, I have 1137B08SIM900B32_ST Revision. I need to be able to send MMS messages. Could you tell me please wich version of firmware do I need to have? Thank you. Reply
  25. i bought sim900 shield from seeedstudio. after testing the revision, it is 1137B03SIM900M64_ST. i download the 1137B03SIM900M64_ST_MMS firmware to upgrade it to enable me send mms message.i connect the tx and rx of the module through ardunio deumilanove (cos it has ft232 chip onboard) to my laptop. i used the sim900 customer flash loader v1.01. i got these error message. i tried all the availble baud rate, it still repeat the same: 6' err 000 error during change baud rate 7' err000 error during loader initialisation 8' check target setting Reply
    • thanks dost shah. i succeeded in upgrading shield with the steps u described. but after upgrading, it report errors to AT commands. e.g AT+gsv reports error. pls help Reply
    • Before I started with the firmware upgrade procedure, I set the baud rate og gprs module to 115200 with the AT+IPR command. After that I started firmware upgrade procedure, rate was also set to 115200. As a result, I get the mentioned error. I also tried to change the baud rate during the firmware upgrade procedure (all possible values), but nothing changed, the same error occurs. I also pressing the powerkey pressed during the upgrade procedure, the whole time (error occurs in less than 10 seconds). I am out of ideas, please help me. Reply
    • Before I started with the firmware upgrade procedure, I set the baud rate og gprs module to 115200 with the AT+IPR command. After that I started firmware upgrade procedure, rate was also set to 115200. As a result, I get the mentioned error. I also tried to change the baud rate during the firmware upgrade procedure (all possible values), but nothing changed, the same error occurs. You recommended to use 11500 baud rate; I assume you were thinking of 115200? I am still getting the error, plz help. Reply
  26. If you're planning on using an Arduino Duemilanove to update the firmware: 1. remove the Arduino's ATMEGA chip (we're flashing with the smd FTDI chip and this'll only interfere with the process) 2. connect the SIM900 RX to D0 (RX) and the SIM900 TX to D1 (TX) If you don't remove the ATMEGA prior to trying to flash the chip you might receive the following error(s): Connection timeout (or similar) Err 306 – Error during flash erase Err 306 – Error during flash erase Reply
  27. thanks dost shah the update was succeessful following you directions. but there is another problem. the sim900 module does not respond to AT command. here is the masseges; AT ok AT+IPR=19200 OK ATI 5600 instead of sim900 r11.0 AT+GSV ERROR I need help Reply
  28. We are using SIM900b for making speech calls. S/W version is 1137B08SIM900B32_ST. We have kept COLP = 1; Call is established by using ATD command. (ATD ;) There is Ring on the number. ATH0 command is send GSM Module to disconnect the call. But there is no disconnection on outside party (It keeps on ringing) Above works OK if we keep COLP = 0. Reply
  29. Hi, ON SIM900 in case we use 1137B09SIM900M64_ST_EMAIL_TEST_20110701 for email, in that DTMF functionality is not working, is there any firmrware where email and DTMF both should wok Report Reply
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  32. hi I have buy simcom 900A module.but my simcard is not regsister to the network.I have read firmware version is below mention.How to solve this problem 1137B01SIM900A64_ST_MMS Reply
        • There might be some issues with your circuit etc. Sim900A will work india. The SIM900A-model is locked to these regions: China India Singapore Malaysia Thailand Indonesia Cambodia Vietnam Laos Burma Brunei Philippines East Timor Reply
          • The SIM900A is locked after the firmware upgrade too? I done the flashing, this is the current firmware: AT+GSV SIMCOM_Ltd SIMCOM_SIM900A Revision:1137B13SIM900A64_ST_DL OK My country is Hungary/ After I restart the module, i get this: IIII˙˙˙˙ RDY +CFUN: 1 +CPIN: READY And the module hangs at this point, with 800ms led flashing. Please help me!!
          • Dear, Sim900A is locked for some asian countries only. It is a Dual band contrary to SIM900 which is Quad-band. From documentation of sim900A
            The SIM900A-model is locked to these regions: China India Singapore Malaysia Thailand Indonesia Cambodia Vietnam Laos Burma Brunei Philippines East Timor
            There are people who used Sim900A in other regions by Flashing SIM900 (not SIM900A) firmware.. Try it!
  33. Hi! How can I know which firmware is latest version, and why 1137B13SIM900M64_ST.rar is not saying the welcome banner ?? I activated this option and still no banner at pwr on… :( Reply
  34. Hello I search SIMCOM moudle IMEI changer , this is Service Tool ADI Module V1.60 service_tool_adi_module_v1.60.rar When changing the firmware is changed IMEI and new imei is wrong or blacklisted in my country. Can anyone help me? Reply
  35. I want to use a SIM900a module in europe so i flashed 1137B01SIM900M64_ST_ENHANCE.rar (6.57 MB) in the module succesfully. After that the module didnt responst to AT-Commands. What i have done wrong? Greetings Ralf Reply
  36. Hi I am using sim900a GSM module. I tried to upgrade the firmware but the following errors occured. Err 000 – Error during load command Err 000 – Error during application download in flash Err 000 – Error during application download in flash Check target settings Could you pls help me? Reply
    • Frankly speaking I was never able to know what was the real problem with such errors , there is no proper documentation, which is common for Chinese. Make sure you read the previous comments on this post. Reply