PCB Design Tutorial [Altium]

This tutorial covers schematic entry and PCB design. Most of this material could be applied to any design tool; however, this tutorial focuses on Altium Designer/DXP/Protel.The first part of the tutorial consists of a set of slides which contain instructions for PCB design, and an overview of each step in the PCB design process.

The second part of this tutorial consists of a series of videos which go through each part of the PCB design process step-by-step using Altium Designer/DXP/Protel (Altium Designer 6.9 was used). Watching all videos will take you through a PCB design from start to finish; however, the videos are divided into the separate design steps so that you don’t need to watch all of them to learn a specific skill.

Tutorial Videos
Drawing Schematics
Creating a new PCB project, creating a new schematic sheet, and drawing schematics for PCB design.(This is a 3 part video)

Viewed best in fullscreen in 1080p

Viewed best in fullscreen in 1080p