Proteus and MikroC Tutorial [Video]


Proteus as we already discussed earlier in post regarding COMPIM ,is a great tool for embedded Engineers, so here is a  very simple and easy to get started with Proteus and MikroC tutorial through flash demonstrations.These tutorials are hosted on (These are no more available) but i would embed them one by one in my posts so that they are accessed easily and can be viewed online. you can download them from the link given  and you can view them online here by clicking the link below.

Tutorail1: In this tutorial you would learn

  • Design A schematic  in Proteus using ISIS
  • Using mikroC to write a program
  • Simulate program and circuit
  • Convert Schematic from ISIS to PCB in ARES
Proteus Tutorial, simulating code in VSM & PCB… by dostmhd
CLICK HERE to view This as a flash video in a player with pause/play and seek bar….