Add Voice /Audio to projects using WTV020SD

Adding sound to your projects is great, there can be several methods to do it. In this post i will show how we can use wtv020-sd module to get this task done. I wont go in detailed description of the module and will keep the post short and to the point. The module can be operated in a number of modes including pushbutton modes but the one we are going for is the 3 wire serial mode. its actually SDA,SCL and reset wires that we use. The module would play back the ad4 files stored on uSD Card. and spk+ and spk- pins can be connected directly to a speaker. More details about the module can be found in the datasheet and the webpage link.

The interface is simple. you only need to connect Supply , DI ,CLK and reset Pins to get it working although you may also connect some other pins also but this is what is really needed to get the module working.

connections …