“The IC Time Machine”

What is it?

“A highly stable controller capable of producing accurate time delays, or oscillation.”
-Philips Components and Semiconductors

The 555 is a 8-pin intergrated circuit with 2 modes of opperation. The time delay (stable) mode is controlled by one capacitor and one resistor. The oscillation (astable) mode is controlled by a capacitor and two resistors. There is also a third mode Bistable mode or Schmitt trigger  : the 555 can operate as a flip-flop, if the DIS pin is not connected and no capacitor is used. This post will focus on some of the basics of 555 ic.


1. 555 ic introduction

2. Pin configuration

3. Operation modes

4. Component  selection

5. Specifications for NE555

6. Derivatives

7. Resources