uElastix for Raspberry Pi (.img included)

Elastix, the open source software for unified communications, has been ported to a number of ARM boards including the Raspberry Pi, the Asiri and the Pico-SAM9G45.

This flavour, called uElastix, is a trimmed down version and differs significantly from the original Elastix.

uElastix gives you a trusted and tested asterisk based Elastix PBX on your Pi. But what makes it interesting is that it also gives you an alternative to the RasPBX. So, if you wanted a PBX on your Pi, you now have a choice.

A big let down for anyone wanting to try uElastix on their Raspberry Pi is that there is no readymade image file. There’s just a ‘How to Install’ page which (a lot of people who tried it would agree) isn’t very straightforward.

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So, I decided to share this image I created. The image file requires a 8GB microSD card.


The image file is ~7GB, I am uploading a winRAR compressed version . Use a suitable application to un-compress it after download. This will work with RapberryPi B+ and is not tested on Pi2 and Pi3

Pay 22.5 USD  (this will support our work)

The installation’s IP is The root password is “palosanto” and the initial web interface credentials are: user “admin” and password “palosanto”.


Directions to write the image to SD card



Shoaib Ahmed

Embedded Linux System Software Engineer, mostly involved in design and development of home automation and security systems for ARM based boards. Area of expertise: Linux system programming. Considerably proficient with device drivers and kernel compilation.


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      1. assalammualaikum mr. Al Hussaini
        I Fadlil from Indonesia .. I find it difficult to install Elastix in Raspi 2 models b. I would like to ask for your help. Do you have Raspi img Elastix for me?
        Please help me mr…

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