AVRWIZ automatic code generator for AVR microcontrollers

AVRWIZ is a code generator for the popular Atmel AVR microcontrollers, optimized for the AVR Studio IDE. Its a very nice automatic code generator for AVR microcontrollers developed by tcg in avrfreaks, which can generate code for most common tasks. It  support baud calculator, timer calculator, multitasking generator, interrupts, ports and more. But there are several thing to be done like TWI, USI. As Author states there is lots of testing to be done. Project is open for new ideas and suggestions.

Nice thing I like about it that program is capable to generate code instantly. It can be saved as single file or whole Avr Studio project with makefile which is ready to compile instantly.

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I Like the older version although it has less features still its clean and fast, get it and give it a try. The latest online version has moved from http://greschenz.dyndns.org/indeh.php?title=AvrWiz and now can be found here.

AvrWiz V 22 (latest) 











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