“COM Port Physical Interface Model” COMPIM from PROTEUS

I found an interesting feature from Proteus, so-called COMPIM serial port model. The Virtual System Modeling capabilities of Proteus VSM allow the creation of models that can actually interact with the physical world. Such models are called Physical Interface Models or PIMs for short.

The COMPIM model is a Physical Interface Model of a serial port. Incoming serial data is buffered and presented to the circuit as a digital signal, whilst serial digital data generated by a CPU or UART model appears at the PC’s physical COM port. The physical COM part also includes virtual COM port over USB and Bluetooth with some work-around. The COMPIM model also provides for baud rate translation, and for optional hardware or software handshaking on both the physical and virtual sides of the device.

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This allows any real world hardware equipped with a serial port to interact with a Proteus VSM simulation. For example, you could use it to develop a program for a microprocessor within Proteus VSM that would operate a real physical modem, perhaps as part of a security or home automation system. By default, the COMPIM supports 4 physical ports.


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28 thoughts on ““COM Port Physical Interface Model” COMPIM from PROTEUS

  1. pls i have connected the pic to the compim in proteus and i assigned as the physical port COM 62,cus that is where my modem is connected to, but it doesn't work( a red light still shows), but if i assigned the port to a virtual port i created it works perfectly, what could be the problem,pls help

  2. i m creating a pair of virtual port i.e. com0com & i wanna interface visual basic & proteus.. i m sending data from comm port (proteus) to vb ..bt its nt wrking…wht can be possible errors…??

    1. it depends on what you are connecting to the usb port, A number of usb devices would connect to the system and will appear in the device manager as VCP (virtual com port), with the com port number that is assigned to it . You can use that com port . I havent seen a USB PIM model yet!

  3. the blocks on the lcd may be because of the contrast setting also, check the system by using leds as debugging elements, The first thing to check is the baudrate and tx rx , check if they are working !! there might be problem with lcd circuit !

  4. regarding the com port selection u select that from the object properties of the COMPIM, if u are using a usb modem, I hope it sgoing to be shown on your device manager as a virtual com POrt with the comport number.

    Regarding code and schematic, I hope a better idea would be that u share ur code and schematic and others would help and point out improvements.

    Best Of Luck!

  5. Hi all,
    How do I connect COMPIM + Modem + 8052 such that the 8052 can send an sms through the modem?

    Code+pics will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi ,

      You just have to use the COMPIM as described above and in the post,

      for sending an sms you have to send the AT comands based on your GSM Modem ,

      what modem are you using? try to send me your schematic an dcode in the contact form or u may email me at dost@iDesignElectronics.com

  6. @utkarsh …here in mumbai sim300 is 1500/-…..it also has a inbuilt max 232…..so interfacing with the pc via hyperterminal is no problem.

  7. hi,
    how do u upload screen shot in this blog ?
    if u could just give me your mail id or some thing it would be of gr8 help .

    1. I would like u to post the image in ur comments so that others can also benefit! u can upload image at any image hosting site and then either just mention the link or use tags to show

      my personal email is engr..dost.mhd@gmail.com u can send me the screenshots there also !

  8. thanks for the quick reply 🙂
    ok here is the thing ,to start with i have done some research and i have bought sim 300 as my gsm modem and i interfaced it using hyper terminal .. initially i struggled the i managed to interface it with my pc using com port . i give at commands and it responds …. but when i use Proteus in the virtual terminal it does not responds . my dcd (pin 1 ) of compim is still green and as far as i know it is suppose to be red as i have seen in other forums …plz help me out .thanks in advance

    1. Well, can u give some screen-shots ?

      I had also a problem initially when i interfaced a SIM900 to Proteus, and I figured out that it was the RI pin of comport that was making the problem , when ever there was a signal on RI, Proteus hanged . I just disconnected the RI pin and the system worked well ..

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