writing and reading from AVR EEPROM in Block.

EEPROM can be used to store non volatile data of the program , sometimes you need to write arrays even multidimensional. The way I do it is by using EEMEM attribute. EMMEM is used to allocate space in EEPROM.

I use the Macros given below to write or read to EEPROM. you have to use #include I would be precise . below is the Code.


//        Macros and # Defines
//write block to EEPROM
#define eepw(message,EEADDR,BLKSIZE) eeprom_write_block((const void*)message,(void*)EEADDR,BLKSIZE);
//read block from EEPROM
#define eepr(readblck,EEADDR,BLKSIZE) eeprom_read_block((void*)readblck,(const void*)EEADDR,BLKSIZE);

uint8_t EEMEM eepstring[15];

Example use

eepw("sample test 1",eestring, 15);  // "writes sample test1" to eestring in EEprom ,
char d[15];   //array in ram
eeprom_read(d, eestring[0],15); // reads the data and puts it in d[]


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